Change starts with a pledge.

A pledge to protect the flora and fauna around us. Join hands with us to play your part.

We have tied up with leading wildlife organizations in India to bolster rescue efforts for Asian Elephants, One-Horned Rhinos, Leopards, Bears, and the Bengal Tiger. And each day we are looking for more wildlife species to take under our wing.

Read on to know the causes we have undertaken and how you can be a part of this global mission.

Be an elephant buddy

Co-Earth is working with the Wildlife Trust of India & Wildlife SOS to help abused elephants in India. We have taken 35 elephants under our care to rescue them from abusive confinement. Additionally, we are donating to India's only Elephant hospital in Mathura, Refuse to Ride Campaign, Green Corridor Champions & more such projects.

A significant percent of our net sales will be contributed to these causes.

Ranges representing Elephants

Rescue the Rhino

With an aim to rehabilitate the one-horned rhinos in India, Co-Earth is actively working with the Wildlife Trust of India.

We donate a share of our net sales to Rapid Action Projects in the Rhino Range states such as the North & North-East states and law enforcement programs all over India for the protection of rhinos.

If you purchase Co-Earth products, you get to be a catalyst of change.

Ranges representing One-Horned Rhinos

Roar for Tigers

To protect the tigers and their habitats, we have associated with the Wildlife Trust of India. We are donating a portion of net sales to Rapid Action Projects all across India and the Central India Tiger Corridor Project.

Here’s how you get to make a difference. Choose Co-Earth products to conserve the royal and majestic tigers of India.

Ranges representing Tigers

Hug our Bears

In collaboration with the Wildlife Trust of India, we strive to restore bears in India who are suffering.

A percentage of net sales goes towards Rapid Action Projects and law enforcement programs pan India focused on protecting and conserving bears.

Your decision to buy Co-Earth products will advance this cause further.

Ranges representing Bears

Protect our Leopards

We have joined hands with Wildlife SOS to rescue & rehabilitate suffering leopards in India. Under the Leopard Rescue and Conservation Project, Co-Earth aims to take care of over 30 rescued leopards who are not fit to live in the wild anymore. We are also reuniting lost leopard cubs with their mothers.

Your purchase makes a difference because a part of our net sales is directed towards these projects.

Ranges representing Leopards

It’s little but consistent efforts that make the dream of a better future come true. How about you take these small leaps with Co-Earth to create a giant impact?

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